Aqua Designs understands that having the pure water of the highest-quality is essential for running many commercial businesses. We have perfected a multi-step, comprehensive water treatment process so that all of our customers can rest easy knowing their water is contaminant free.

Aqua Designs treats wastewater using a process to match your needs and process waste limits. Have you looked at your process to safe water or resources?

-pH neutralization – Balancing of pH using acids and bases.
-Metals removal - Removal of heavy metals from waste or process streams.
-Flouride reduction - Reduction of the flouride ion in waste streams or process.
-Batch treatment - Waste stream process used to treat process waste.
-Disinfection - Deionized water, process cooling water, cooling towers, and other process loops need to be sanitized. -Process equipment also needs to be cleaned. Clean processes have improved up time and run more cost efficiently.
-Recycle/reclaim - Process in which water or waste streams can be reused at some point in a process.

Give Aqua Designs a call at 919-304-9191 for more information about our water treatment services. Our water treatment process can be applied across many commercial industries. We look forward to speaking with you to discuss how we can help your company get a clean, usable water supply.