Serving a Wide Range of Industries with Unmatched, Top Quality Sales and Service

Aqua Designs provides our water treatment services to a wide variety of industries in North Carolina and beyond. We know that different industries have different applications for pure water and are expected to meet industry requirements of varying levels. The Aqua Designs team has experience across many fields, making us prepared to handle any job.

While we specialize in microelectronics, food and beverage and pharmaceutical work, we also offer our services to a much larger group of industries, including:

-Automotive Industry
-Chemical Industry
-Health Care Industry
-Textile Industry
And More

We have some of our equipment available for lease or purchase, if you would prefer to let your team handle the project.

At Aqua Designs, we focus our efforts on serving commercial industries. While we also value residential water treatment needs, we understand that commercial work involves a level of complexity that requires a meticulous understanding of the ins and outs of each company. From a tiny maintenance job to a new facility build, Aqua Designs is your authority for commercial water purification services

Aqua Designs offers many water treatment systems and services for commercial industries, both locally and nationally. If you are in need of water purification services, give us a call at 919-304-9191 or visit our contact page today.