-OSHA 10
-OSHA 30

Aqua Designs understands that working in an industrial environment can be hazardous. That is why we put our employees through extensive safety training to ensure the wellbeing of every member of our staff. With a sterling track record, Aqua Designs can promise you we will do everything in our power to make sure that any experience you have with us will be incident free.

While we are very confident in the abilities of all of our staff members, we believe in putting safety first. We will never take on a job that will endanger the well-being of our employees or yours.

All of our employees all undergo extensive occupation safety and health administration training, including:

Additionally, some of our employees have OSHA 500 and OSHA 501 certifications, and all of our employees participate in weekly safety meetings and monthly safety training.

Aqua Designs knows that being a safe company doesn’t just mean keeping you safe – it also means protecting the environment through safety compliance. We utilize our technologies to ensure that no pollutants were created when using our products, and make every effort to minimize liquid discharge and other waste products. We take protecting our ecosystem very serious and have several green initiatives in place to help make sure all of our projects are handled in an environmentally conscious fashion.

Aqua Designs has received praise for our outstanding water treatment services with. Contact us today at 919-304-9191 to learn more about our services find out how we can help you install, repair, or test your water processes.