We are proud members of the NC Craft Brewers Guild and would love the opportunity to speak with your team and discuss water treatment systems. Give your customers that perfect taste!

At Aqua Designs, we understand that brewers are passionate about their craft, as we are passionate about ours. Water purification is an essential element of the process of making the perfect beer.  Aqua Designs can help brewers excel over their competition. Water is the most valuable asset to a brewer in his production of his product. Great quality water can improve the taste of the beer. Aqua Designs can help you bring a superior beer to the table for your customers.

Through a process of purification using carbon, water softners, reverse osmosis, water filtration, and addition of essential minerals to help refine your beer's appeal to the senses, we will bring your product to a new level of quality. We have been in business over twenty years and have a staff that is prepared for to implement any solution necessary in your brewery.

Aqua Designs can improve your existing glycol loops by replacing the piping with properly sized PE or ABS materials. Either of these piping materials should be used in glycol loops to help improve your brewing process. Not only is proper piping important for your glycol loop, its just as important for the water filtration system in order to ensure proper removal of contaminates.  Proper filtration will protect your brewing process from particle contaminates that may disrupt or destroy the quality of your product. Our team wants to make sure you have the very best possible water filtration system to use.

Give Aqua Designs a call at 919-304-9191 for more information about our water treatment services. Our water treatment process can be applied to your existing production process to bring your customers the perfect brew. We look forward to speaking with you to discuss how we can help your brewery achieve excellence.