Water Treatment

Aqua Designs understands that having the pure water of the highest-quality is essential for running many commercial businesses. We have perfected a multi-step, comprehensive water treatment process so that all of our customers can rest easy knowing their water is contaminant free.

Aqua Designs treats wastewater using a process to match your needs. Have you looked at your process to safe water or resources?

Customer service to us is not just about trying to keep our clients happy, its a core part of our business model. Customer service to us means being loyal to our clients and ensuring their satisfaction at every step of the relationship, regardless of the time or day of the week. We are available to meet and exceed our clients' expectations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Every company talks about safety, but Aqua Designs has it at its heart. We take safety training very seriously and ensure every employee is adequately trained to ensure both their safety and the safety of those around them, including the clients and their staff. All of our employees attend compulsory weekly safety meetings and monthly continuing education safety training.


Safety is a Top Priority

At Aqua Designs, every employee that will enter your facility is certified to OHSA 30, which means each of our employees has 30 hours of OSHA training

Amazing leadership is nothing without a great team to back the leaders. At Aqua Designs, we are surrounded by greatness. Our Senior leadership has over 60 years of combined experience in the field of high purity water filtration systems. Our leadership team has the skills it takes to succeed in accomplishing any need our clients have.

Safety Training

We understand that no company can operate without loyal customers, Aqua Designs never forgets the reason which is why we are here today is because of you. Our customers’ satisfaction is the focus of our business, we promise to handle every job in a professional manner, using only top-of-the-line products to ensure a final product your company can rely on.

When working with Aqua Designs, you can expect a quality of service that is unrivaled by our competition, including:

Safety – Every one of our workers are OSHA certified. We know how to properly handle a number of unique workplaces and surrounding environments in an incident-free and responsible fashion.

Quality – Aqua Designs owns all of our plastic welding equipment. Your company will never be left waiting on a rental tool to start a project. We have also developed some of the industry’s leading concepts in system design process, semiconductor and recycle projects. We regenerate our resin in house.

Responsibility – We want to be sure that every project we complete is positively impacting local communities. Aqua Designs follows our green initiatives to make sure every project we work on is handled in an environmentally responsible way.

Contact us today at 919-304-9191 to learn more about our company’s history. We are excited to be one of the top names in the water treatment industry, and look forward to finding new ways to help our customers.