Deionization (DI) (sometimes referred to as demineralization) is the process of removing unwanted minerals from a water supply to increase water purity levels. Aqua Designs is trained to handle the deionization process, and by using our own products for the job, your Mebane, Raleigh or other local or international company can rest assured your water will be purified to meet any stringent industry standards.

Through deionization, various cations and anions can be removed from water, including sodium, calcium, iron, copper, chloride and sulfate. A fairly quick and scalable process, deionization will produce a high purity water.

Deionization provides some of the most versatile purified water for use across a variety of major industries. While it is true that water that has gone through deionization does not significantly remove uncharged organic molecules, viruses or bacteria, the successful removal of other minerals does make this water perfect for many industry uses.

Some of the many industries that can benefit from deionized water include:

Aqua Designs offers a variety of water purification systems for all your industrial needs. Contact us today at 919-304-9191 to learn about our water treatment systems and services.

In addition to deionization services, Aqua Designs specializes in water filtration, water recycle and reuse and high purity water. Our excellence in service has been recognized by our customers and peers.

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