Like many large commercial industries, water is an essential ingredient in pharmaceutical operations. Often needed in large volumes, it is important to have high-quality, contaminant-free water to keep up with supply, as well as industry health regulations.

In line with our green initiatives, Aqua Designs has worked with dozens of pharmaceutical companies in NC, SC, VA and more, to develop solutions that increase water-efficiency, and minimize waste.

If you are a pharmaceutical company in NC, SC, VA or other surrounding areas, Aqua Designs can help you with high purity water systems that will keep your plant free of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs).

Some services Aqua Designs can help your pharmaceutical plant with include:

-Wastewater Treatment
-Chemical Treatment
-Boiler Water
-Cooling Water
And More

We can help you create water of varying purities for pharmaceutical ingredients, cleaning and sanitizing equipment and additional uses – just let us know what you need and we will find a solution.

Aqua Designs has had the pleasure of working with many industries outside of pharmaceuticals. Ask us how our water treatment services can benefit your microelectronics business or food and beverage company. Contact Aqua Designs today at 919-304-9191 with any questions regarding how we can help improve your business through water treatment.