At Aqua Designs, we consider our industrial water purification practices the “bread and butter” of our establishment. Through our proven technologies and advanced water treatment practices, Aqua Designs’ filtration process can keep your water up to industry standards. In addition to removing undesired chemicals and contaminants from your industrial water supply, we can assist you with large-scale filtration projects and provide you immediate response to potential health hazards.

Based in Mebane, NC, Aqua Designs can help make your water usable by removing undesired chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids, and dissolved solids through our water filtration systems. Depending on its intended purpose, our filtration process can cleanse your industrial water supply to different extents to give you a higher level of purity.

In addition to maintenance and repair, we use different types of filtration for more complex procedures, including:

-Ultra Filter Systems
-Submicron Filtration
-Reverse Osmosis
And More

We also sell and lease our equipment out to pharmaceutical, microelectronic, food and beverage and other commercial clients in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and beyond.

Aqua Designs’ water filtration systems are incredibly beneficial for any business looking for a clean water supply. Contact us today at 919-304-9191 to learn more about our water treatment methods.

Outside of industrial water filtration, Aqua Designs also specializes in water recycle and reuse, high purity water and deionization. We also have several green initiatives to help preserve and protect our environment.