We are ready to build a custom designed system to meet the needs that you have at any given moment, no job is too small. No matter what you need, we have a water purification solution for your company. Aqua Designs water treatment systems include:

Aqua Designs is an industry leader in utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to treat water supplies at a wide variety of commercial industries. We can apply different treatment systems to save your company money, by increasing water use efficiency and lowering potential waste. With our in-house developed products, available to purchase or lease and our highly trained staff, you can be sure our systems will be implemented with the highest professional standards in the industry.

-Water Filtration - Taking advantage of a variety of filtration products, including bag, depth, pleated filters from 100 micron to 0.03 micron, ultra filters and reverse osmosis membranes, Aqua Designs will remove impurities from your water supply.

-Water Recycle and Reuse - Save energy and the environment by reusing process water for multiple purposes.

-High Purity Water - For the most stringent water requirements, we can make your water supply purity to the point where contaminants will be counted by parts per trillion.

-Reverse Osmosis (RO) - Considered “the heart of water purification,” reverse osmosis is an easy, cost-effective way to remove contaminants from your water source.

-Deionization (DI) - Also referred to as demineralization, this process will remove many cations and anions from your freed water. Aqua Designs has service DI tanks to purchase or lease, we can also regenerate your resin to your specification.

Call Aqua Designs at 919-304-9191 or visit our contact page with any questions you may have regarding our water filtration systems. We are known for our professional services throughout the area with a variety of systems and services at your disposal.