Originally developed as a method of desalinating seawater more than 40 years ago, reverse osmosis (RO) has since been used for many commercial water purification applications. Often considered “the heart of water purification,” Aqua Designs is capable of working with reverse osmosis on both small and large scales. Up to several hundred gallons of water can pass through our reverse osmosis units every minute.

In addition to desalination, reverse osmosis can be used for concentrating food liquids, making this process particularly enticing to the food and beverage industry. For your commercial water treatment needs in NC, SC, VA and beyond, consider our reverse osmosis systems as a more efficient and budget-friendly alternative to more traditional water distillation processes.

Aqua Designs offers high-quality water treatment services for many large commercial industries. Contact us at 919-304-9191 with questions regarding our water treatment services, systems or green initiatives.

In addition to reverse osmosis, Aqua Designs provides water filtration, water recycle and reuse, deionization and other practical water purification services. All of our workers are highly trained to bring you safe, reliable and economical treatment systems.

Utilizing semipermeable-membrane technology, reverse osmosis successfully removes all contaminants that are physically larger than water molecules. While this process can yield high-quality drinking water, it can also be used for broader industrial applications, including water recycling, industrial cooling and other commercial uses for Microelectronics and Pharmaceutical companies.