Aqua Designs is proud to offer water recycling and reuse systems across a variety of commercial industries in North Carolina, Virginia and South Carolina. Water is essential to many workplace operations, from cooling industrial equipment to being an active ingredient in products.

It is important that companies take responsible measures to conserve their water supplies, with threats of drought, population growth and more lending to increasing scarcity of readily available fresh water.

Aqua Designs believes we all need to do our part to protect our fragile ecosystem, as demonstrated by our green initiatives. Not only will your company benefit from our recycling systems, but you will also be helping the environment by protecting one of our most valued resources – clean, pure water. With a lowered dependence on ground and surface water, your company will see many benefits by reusing pretreated wastewater.

Some of the ways water recycling can benefit your company include:

-Decreasing Waste
-Conserving Energy
-Lowering Utility Costs
And More

Aqua Designs’ water recycling and reuse systems are the perfect solution for reducing water-related waste in your industry. Contact us today at 919-304-9191 – we will be happy to discuss how we can improve the water supply at your business.

In addition to helping better your company and the environment through water recycling systems, we can provide help with reverse osmosis, high purity water and deionization. Our staff is also highly trained to assist in safety regulations, ensuring your company’s water treatment installations will be handled with the utmost care.