-Ion Exchange Resin

-Reverse Osmosis Cleaners
-Ultra Filter Cleaners
-System Sanitizers

-Double Containment
-Stainless Steel
-System Install
-Loop Install

Water Analysis

-Ion Exchange Tanks
-Carbon Tanks

Ultraviolet Units

Aqua Designs is proud to offer a product line unrivaled by our market competitors’. We do our best to ensure our products are environmentally friendly, keeping in line with our green initiatives.

Aqua Designs owns all of our equipment, which means you will never be left waiting on us for a backordered part to arrive. In addition, we are already familiar with every item we handle. We are so confident in our in-house developed water treatment products, that we have options to buy or lease out some of our equipment for commercial use. Our product line also allows us to provide regeneration services to our commercial customers in NC, SC, VA and beyond, giving us the ability to restore exhausted resin back into its proper ionic form for service.

Some of the excellent products we carry at Aqua Designs include:

-Iron Removal
-High Purity

-Pre Filters
-Filter Press Cloths
-Filter Housings

Aqua Designs serves a variety of industries, and we understand the need for different products depending on your industry and circumstances. If you have any questions about our product line, feel free to contact us at 919-304-9191 – one of our trained staff members will be happy to speak with you.