Particularly useful in the pharmaceutical industry, high-purity water is highly treated with attention to microbiological reduction or elimination. When developing potential life-saving drugs, it is important that the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for tablets, oral and suspended liquids, and more are free of harmful contaminants.

Aqua Designs’ experience working with commercial water treatment across NC, SC, VA and beyond, gives us an edge on our competition in the development of incredibly clean water for different business applications. Working with high-purity water, we can produce a water supply that is so clean that contaminants have to be measured in parts per trillion.

High-purity water systems from Aqua Designs can be used for:

-Chemical Treatment
-Wastewater Treatment
-Boiler & Process Water
And More

If you need the highest quality water for daily operations in your industry, contact Aqua Designs. Call us today at 919-304-9191, or visit our contact page for more information on how Aqua Designs can help improve your company’s water supplies for business use.

In addition to high-purity water treatment, Aqua Designs specializes in water recycle and reuse, reverse osmosis and deionization. Find out more about our superb water treatment services.