Aqua Designs offers resin regeneration services in Raleigh, Mebane, Greensboro and other locations across NC, SC, VA, to restore depleted resin back to its proper ionic form. Using a combination of water softeners and deionizers, we can make sure your water filtration systems have peak levels of resin at all times to optimize industrial plant performance. Furthermore, our analytical testing can tell when it is best for you to perform regeneration, avoiding unnecessary energy expenses.

Different companies use different types of resins in the exchange tanks. Water quality and temperature are often overlooked during the regeneration process.

1) Regeneration process - Backwash, chemical intro, slow rinse, fast rinse and quality rinse.
2) Softening resin (CATION) - Sodium form using brine for regeneration.
3) CATION resin Hydrogen form - Regeneration process using Hydrochloric acid or Sulfuric acid at 6 to 10 lb. per cubic foot of resin.
4) ANION resin Hydroxyl form - Regeneration process using Sodium Hydroxide at 6 lb. per cubic foot of resin.

Regeneration water quality and temperatures play an important role in the regeneration process. If not done correctly, can lead to bed fouling and shorten bed life.

Aqua Designs offers a variety of water purification systems to help your company’s water systems function at optimal levels. Feel free to give us a call at 919-304-9191 or visit our contact page for more information on how we can help improve efficiency in your workplace today.

How Aqua Designs’ Resin Regeneration Works