Aqua Designs  can help your company design and fabricate water treatment solutions that can increase efficiency at your facility and save you money. From the early design phases, all the way through installation, Aqua Designs will help you every step of the way.

Celebrating Over 20 Years Bringing the Best Quality Possible to You!

Since 1995, Aqua Designs has specialized in commercial/industrial treatment options. We  build and install more superior products than our competition. We also understand that high-quality products come from using the best materials, which is why we develop a lot of our equipment in-house.

Based in Mebane, NC, Aqua Designs provides industrial water purification services in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and the world abroad. We have received recognition across the industry for our work in the field — proving that if you are in need of water purification services, we are the company you can rely on. We understand different industries have different needs, so we offer a variety of treatment systems to meet the needs of all types of customers.

Water purification systems provided by Aqua Designs include:

-Water Filtration
-Water Recycle and Reuse
-High Purity Water
-Reverse Osmosis (RO)
-Deionization (DI)

We have developed water treatment solutions for a wide variety of industries, including food and beverage, microelectronics, and pharmaceuticals.

Design & Fabrication

Aqua Designs understands that having the pure water of the highest-quality is essential for running many commercial businesses. We have perfected a multi-step, comprehensive water treatment process so that all of our customers can rest easy knowing their water is contaminant free.




Proud Member of:

Water treatment

Green Initiatives

Breweries and Distilleries, Contact us to see what we have to offer!


Aqua Designs is not only committed to serving our customers with outstanding water treatment processes – we are also doing our part to protect the environment through our green initiatives. In addition to working on green practices throughout our company, we also help improve our planet with every water system and service we work on.

Aqua Designs provides water treatment system repair and maintenance services throughout North Carolina and beyond. The Aqua Designs team can help you keep any water purification system running smoothly, whether the system is made from our high-quality products or is a pre-existing build from another company.